All the blogs I have written for and contributed to:

Exhibition Process: I contributed to this class blogs in serval capacities, I wrote blog post, took photos, and even collaborated with a classmate on a short documentary on an exhibition. Curating was introduced to me for the first time in an practical application sense.

Melissa is Digitally Processing : This is a blog I wrote for my Digital Processes Class I took in the fall of 2014.

ASC Profile: This  is Agnes Scott College’s Student-Ran Newspaper where I am the photo editor . I have contributed to a number of photo essays and even wrote aninfographic article covering the college’s new tobacco policy.

Melissa is Visually ThinkingI took a class called Visually Thinking and kept a blog throughout the class. It was this class that I discovered my passion for storytelling and truly understanding how photography can be a medium used to tell more than one story at a time.